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Terms and Conditions for Private Association

      This agreement, made this day subscribed below, by and between the undersigned and other parties, is intended to memorialize the agreement of the parties to associate collectively and cooperatively as individuals within and as part of a group to cultivate, obtain, transport, possess and distribute medical marijuana for the use and benefit of the agreed parties, pursuant to HEALTH & SAFETY CODE §11362.775
The parties declare and agree on the following:
      1. Every member/associate shall have a valid, current written Approval or Recommendation from a licensed California Physician to use marijuana as medicine, or be a qualified primary caregiver for another person who is a qualified patient, pursuant to Health &Safety Code §11362.5. A copy of the Doctors Approval/Recommendation shall be presented to and maintained by the staff of the group. It is the responsibility of the association members to keep their Doctors Approval current, and to maintain contact with the issuing and any treating Doctors.
      2. Every member/associate shall grow, possess, transport and use any and all marijuana medicine obtained from, or destined for use by, him/herself, solely and exclusively for their own benefit or the benefit of the other members/associates. No persons not an associate of the collective and a party to this agreement may buy, obtain or use marijuana produced by or obtained for the use of the collective or its members.
      3. Members/associates shall not sell, furnish, make available or give away any marijuana, for medical purpose or otherwise, to any person not a party to this agreement.
      4. The members/ associates shall refrain from unauthorized possession or use of any controlled substance not prescribed by a Physician.
      5. The members/ associates shall not possess or have around any guns or firearms.
      6. The amount of medicine needed by this associate for his/her medical needs, and their ability to pay reasonable costs associated with obtaining and/or producing medicine is to be considered in determining the reimbursement due pursuant to Health & Safety Code§11362.765
      7. Members/parties acknowledge that they have been advised that becoming an associate/member of the group has obligations as well as benefits.
      A. It is agreed that you may be identified as a member of the association to appropriate authorities, including the Police, in case of necessity, as determined by the staff of the group. The staff and all members of the association will make all reasonable efforts to maintain your privacy. You will be advised if your name will be released to any person other than the staff of the association or counsel for the association, for association purposes.
      B. You have been informed of the potential and actual conflicts of interest which exist, or which may develop between yourself and other members of the association. You agree to waive those potential conflicts. You understand that the association membership does not guarantee you the services of an attorney.
      C. You agree to come forward and authenticate this document and your membership in the association if and when requested to do so by the staff of the association, for the benefit of other members of the association.
      D. You agree to abide by the rules and agreements of the association, as indicated herein, and as may be from time to time amended.
      E. You know that this association, and any member, may NOT be protected from investigation and prosecution by State or Federal authorities for acts as an association member which might be later determined to be otherwise legal under California law. No representations of immunity from investigation and prosecution under California law can be effective, and no benefits past those conferred by the statutes, laws and decisions of the State of California and the Federal judiciary is represented or implied. You acknowledge that I have advised you on the potential Federal Government involvement in matters of medical marijuana. Even though the actions of the associates and the association may comply with California state laws, this will not be a defense if the matter is prosecuted in Federal Court. The Federal Government currently does not recognize any legitimate use of marijuana, as medicine or otherwise.  Civil enforcement of city & county zoning ordinances is another problem. You may not be protected from this civil action even though in compliance with California state requirements.
      8. Members and staff will respect the privacy of the other members of the association.
      9. If a point of distribution is established for the associates to get their medicine, all rules established by those operating that point of distribution will be followed.
      10. A checkbox of these agreed upon terms is required before checkout.

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